M/s. GSB Tool crafts (P) Ltd. Has established the Quality Management System to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide quality service by supplying quality product that meets customer requirements and aims to increase customerís satisfaction through effective implementation of the Quality Management System including continual improvement of the system and assuring to its customers the conformance of the product.

The application of the Quality Management System is the strategic decision of the management of the Company.

Production and Supply of Engineering Tools, Components, Metal Products for Industrial Applications.

The Quality Management System of GSB Tool crafts (P) Ltd. Provides mechanism by customer requirements are determined and met with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction.

5.3 Quality Policy
The top management of GSB Tool crafts (P) Ltd. Has set a Quality Policy ensuring
   a) It is appropriate to the purpose of the organization.
   b) It includes a commitment to company with the requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of        the Quality Management System.
   c) It provides framework for establishing and reviewing Quality Objectives.
   d) It is communicated and understood by all within the organization.
   e) It is reviewed for continuing suitability.


We shall always strive hard to earn maximum customer satisfaction by producing and providing error free quality products to customers as per their requirements within the delivery period stipulated and at a reasonable cost.

We will also try hard for continual improvement of the processes in order to maintain standard quality products by adhering to the laid down Quality Management System and going through various process inspections
which will reduces process loss & indirectly increase production capability during productions in future.